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light sport aircraft parts Light Sport Aircraft airshow coverage of Sun N Fun 2006 Click here! Light Sport Aircraft Engine Parts and LSA Aircraft Accessories. Our products include light sport aircrafts, floats and propellers and we offer aircraft maintenance, engine overhaul, propeller overhaul and Dynon services. Learn More. CH 750 Cruzer Individual Parts. Everything is built in 3/4" hardened 4130 aircraft grade steel axles (not 5/8" steel) Heavy duty 3 piece spun aluminum wheels (not light duty 1 piece) Optional carbon fiber body. The F2 is the newest aircraft from Flight Design general aviation. FINEST TECH 10 glider world records, 2 record-breaking flights around the globe, won 3 NASA aviation challenges, 2010 European Business Awards, Readers’ Digest Best Businessman, FAI Paul Tissandier Diploma, 2011 Lindberg Award for best AW-143. We also hold over 1000 lines, tailored to the needs of the aircraft kit builder and owners of permit aircraft. May 10, 2020 · The safest light sport aircraft in its category is the AKOYA from Lisa Airplanes. Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast LLC . Great 1/2 Volkswagen engine performance This French company produces light sport aircraft and ultralight airplanes. Designed for expanded utility, ease of pilot access and to appeal to the high wing enthusiast, the Sonex High Wing offers the legendary Sonex performance and handling in a new configuration. The SA-160 is a single engine light sport aircraft designed and built in Quebec, Canada. The company is most popular for their trikes: Tanarg 912 is a powerful flex wing aircraft with Rotax 582 or Rotax 912 engine. This is a popular setup when a light bank is used for night fishing. Start your training in one of the most beautiful sport aircraft in the world - the Falcon LS! You can learn in a tricycle or a conventional tailwheel model. (6) 6 product ratings - Tempest Aircraft Oil Filter - AA48108-2 - Aviation Spin-On Oil Filter. 315(c)(14) and, if a private pilot or higher, § 61. 4,000 worldwide. 4. Using contemporary computer design tools and 21st century materials, we built the next generation of Cubs with 50 percent fewer parts. In addition to the airframe, you will need to purchase an engine, propeller, instruments, and avionics of your choice. 95. We saw the Light Sport Aircraft category as an opportunity to build a significantly lighter Cub, one that every pilot would appreciate. See USPS Post. Maximum stall speed of 45 knots calibrated airspeed WB-LSAHBS-01, LSA HOMEBUILDER STARTER HARDWARE KIT. Flight Instruction, Aircraft Rental, Remos Parts, Sales & Service. ) +Power - Basic + Battery Eliminator for 12V power supply RCC-02 model. Every line, calculation, nut, and bolt are, by nature of design, a concerted effort of machine, a machine that becomes a spirited extension of your aviation soul. The F2 brings a fresh look at high-wing light aircraft design with class leading safety features and an innovative Garmin avionic suite. 2016 Light Sport Aircraft Lsa Choices Galore Plane Pilot. In an effort to keep our kits affordable to people of modest P&M Aviation USA import, distribution and sales of UK Manufactured world class Weight-Shift Control (trikes) Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). Jan 26, 2015 · This past weekend I had the chance to do a little flying in what some consider to be the best light sport aircraft on the market. A box of parts today that is assembled into an aircraft would be considered to be part of the existing fleet. Add to Cart. 8 watching. Norton, MA . Texas Air Salvage, offers high quality used aircraft parts for general aviation aircraft from manufactures like Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Beechcraft and more. 250*. Crewed aircraft are flown by an onboard pilot, but unmanned aerial vehicles may be remotely controlled or self-controlled by onboard computers. Based on the very popular STOL CH 701design from Chris Heintzthat was first introduced more than twenty years ago, the all new STOL CH 750 LS (Light Sport) design incorporates all of the 701's amazing short-field capabilities, while maximizing cabin size and load carrying capability allowed under the FAA's new Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft category. AeroSport is your one-stop shop for Light Sport Aircraft Sales, Maintenance, Instruction and Avionics. However the AT-4 aircraft can be fitted with the appropriate equipment in anticipation of future rule changes, as can the AT-3. The FAA allows for aircraft meeting certain weight, fuel, and airspeed requirements to be flown under Part 103 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). 21 ounces heaver than a 2" aluminum bracket (a set of 4 stainless 2" U-Brackets will add a total of only 12. Become a Dealer Challenger advanced ultralight aircraft. The airplane is available as a fly away SLSA aircraft or may be built from a kit as an ELSA aircraft. 5 out of 5 stars. Quickview Customize onclick="cart. This information is not revised at the same rate as the maintenance manual; always refer to the current maintenance information when performing maintenance on Feb 08, 2018 · Build Easy to Assemble Low-Cost Ultralight Aircraft From Kits. Jabiru 3300 120 HP, All original plans. The choice is yours! We 14 CFR Part 1. Aircraft may be classified by different criteria, such as lift type, aircraft propulsion, usage and others. Email us: U-FLY-IT Light Sport Aircraft, LLC. Yes, this aircraft has all the capability for providing snappy maneuvers, fast cross country transportation, plus the unique provision for being easily converted into a camping aircraft. We carry a wide selection of aircraft parts, building materials, avionics, and pilot supplies all of which are offered here on our website and in the famous Aircraft Spruce catalog. The Wag-A-Bond is truly a one of a kind recreational LSA (Light Sport Aircraft). The Super Petrel LS utilizes the Rotax engine model 912 iS with digital panel. Enclosed Cockpit Open Cockpit Water Sports Spare Parts: Fly for Business. Flight training can be for a Sport Pilot rating, or simply for ultralights as well as transition training, tailwheel ratings, and flight reviews. Rugged construction with Disc Brakes for maximum braking efficiency Complete Front Fork Assembly, ready to attach to any pre-2003 NorthWing Apache or Coyote trike. The tail folds up and the wings fold back along the fuselage in about 15 minutes by one person. Evektor Harmony Light Sport Aircraft Parts, Dreams Come True Aviation LLC. Kolb Aircraft Co. John's blog. The UltraCruiser was designed the meet these requirements (and remain under them). com The home of the BushCat Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). (A) That light-sport aircraft, only if you hold the endorsements required in § 61. All Kolb Aircraft feature folding wings and tail which allow for easy storage or trailering. 99. According to Federal Aviation Administration guidelines, a light-sport aircraft is defined as a simple-to-operate, easy-to-fly aircraft that meets the following performance definitions: Maximum gross weight of 1,320 pounds for landplanes and 1,430 pounds for seaplanes. Now Simonini is the most popular option for the PPG industry. Fedex and UPS is available, delivery times are longer than usual. We have been modernizing as a company. Right Windshield (milled edge) . Big tires, all wheel suspension and STOL** performance allow the REV to explore new possibilities. Maximum speed 140 km/h - 160 km/h. Kit includes flange with pulley, taper lock QD bushing, two propeller backup plates, six tubular spacers, all hardware and key for straight shaft. I logged 0. Aerolite 103 Building An Part Ultralight Or Aircraft. Our designs work in the everyday world. The Part 103 Ultralight with "Real Aircraft" Performance. Due to the gross weight and stall In addition to aircraft maintenance and repair and avionics, abAviation services include parts and aviator supplies sales, aircraft management, pilot services, and aircraft buyer and seller assistance. WATCH for the new Pollard Aircraft King Air B200 & 200 Pollard PLATINUM Package. All of our aircraft are either Light Sport Aircraft, requiring only a Sport Pilot license to fly, or a Part 103 Ultralight, requiring no license at all to fly! Teledyne Continental Motors is now producing a lightweight version of the O-200 engine specifically for light sport aircraft. Mar 19, 2019 · Rainbow Aviation, now located in Kingsville , MO, started up in 1991, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. You can also use this on any home built trike or older trike that needs better braking. Aircraft Sales and Parts - Browse and find aircraft by category: Light Sport Airframe Sep 27, 2021 · Most general aviation aircraft in the United States are registered to the FAA with respective tail numbers. Stay up to date with all the latest kit aircraft news by subscribing to our newsletter! SUBSCRIBE! If the REVO is considered the flying Sport Bike of the Sky. The current owners of the company have been operating since December of 2003. With the gross weight of 725 lbs. Available in shaft sizes from 1" to 1 7/16". Cost to Build: The Sonerai family of sport aircraft are among the least expensive homebuilt aircraft to build. S. 184 - Issue of airworthiness certificates primary category aircraft 21. The Northeast United States Full-Service Dealer for Light Sport Aircraft & Ultralight Aircraft & World-Wide HKS Aviation Engine Distributor The official homepage for Zenair SLSA designs from Aircraft Manufacturing & Design. SOUTH MISSISSIPPI LIGHT AIRCRAFT. Including Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Southern California. 375 Million – the largest prize ever awarded for efficiency in flight) and you may even have heard about our aircraft flying around the Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) and Sport Pilot: While each of the Zenith Aircraft were developed to meet the definition of a light-sport aircraft, as defined in the FAA’s Sport Pilot category, Zenith Aircraft Company cannot guarantee that the aircraft, as constructed by the builder, will meet the definition. Savannah S is the premier light-sport STOL platform with its combination of short field, payload and cruise performance. Beech Bonanza 35 thru G35, & Twin Bonanza. We list thousands of aircraft engines, avionics, propellers and airframe parts complete with details, photographs, pricing and online purchase options. You can use the search feature to find and order these items, or you can view the entire contents of The List here. Aug 08, 2021 · Phantom Aeronautics LLC is a family owned business that manufactures Ultralights, Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft Kits. Affordability, reliability, practicality and fun all come together to offer the most desirable dream weaver tool. An independant Master Repair Center (iMRC). And like a dirtbike no license is required*. The new CTLS 2020 Sport Edition is now even better due to the new developments for 2020! Basic model price: €123. Our goal is to provide the best power/thrust ratio egine available with remarkable reliability for the one seater Par 103 ultralight and light sport aircraft industry. Merlin Lite Aeromarine Lsa. We specialize in Light Sport aviation and the sport pilot. We would be privileged to serve all your aviation needs. C. 00. The CTLS is one of the most popular light aircraft in the world due to its great overall performance, sporty handling, and class-leading safety features. LLC is a provider of quality easy-to-build and easy-to-fly aircraft. Based in Wycombe Air Park The Showcase welcomes all aviation enthusiasts interested in affordable recreational flying, offering a special emphasis on experimentals, homebuilts, light-sport aircraft and ultralights. The new American-made engine boasts of a " 199 Pounds Dry Weight " Alternatively, the O-200-A engine is available, as are numerous older (used) Continental engine installations. In addition to the items listed here, we also offer ALL Quicksilver and Challenger replacement parts. Every one of the major components was designed for light aircraft use and is made from the highest quality and best materials and techniques available. We are also now offering a special S-LSA version of Piper PA-18/J3/Clipped Wing Cub variation, the BushCub Sportsman. The aircraft is used for recreational flying, pilot training and light utility. Although the 1100R is a very popular ultralight and has an upgrade path that includes many options and a more powerful engine, these upgrades put it into the Experimental Amateur-Built (E-AB) category. Add to Wish List Compare this Product. $650. QUALITY. 189 - Issue of airworthiness certificates limited category aircraft 21. Our kit aircraft are built in a factory that maintains Part 23 standards. Buying/Selling an aircraft: If you have purchased a plane that is already registered, and already has an airworthiness certificate, the seller will fill out the back of the the aircraft Aug 07, 2018 · SMLA. Quick-build kits plus fully assembled new and used for sale. There have been many owners of the Phatom Aircraft Company through the years. Cgs Aviation Aircraft Hawk Single Place Part 103 Legal Ultralight Light Sport Pilot News. Production of the Symphony SA-160 Although the American Light Sport regulations allow for flight in Night VFR and limited IFR under certain circumstances, this is not currently permitted in Europe. Building light, low-cost ultralight aircraft that are easy to fly and assemble from a kit. Our Mule is made for fun low and slow backcountry flying, while the Korsair is going to turn heads. 5 pounds to the empty weight of your aircraft (the equivalent weight of about 1 quart of fuel). We have two A&P mechanics on site. Detailed documentation and extensive resources on the all-metal SLSA Special Light Sport Aircraft: STOL CH 750, and more. Aircraft Tires & Tubes - Wicks Aircraft Supply Company Air Creation,AirCreation,trikes,weightshift,light sport,Aircraft,powered hang glider,microlights,ultralights,nanolites,nanolights Documents and Prices This page will lead you to all of the manuals and documents available for our Light Sport products, our Ultralight products and even the manuals and documents for all of the Air Creation legacy Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) are single engine planes with no more than two seats, a maximum weight of 1300 lbs, a maximum stall speed of 51 mph and a maximum speed of 138 mph. WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING CLASSES. Evektor Harmony Light Sport Aircraft Parts Sales, marketing and product support activities in the US Middle-North are ensured by the company Dreams Come True (DCT) Aviation based at Dayton Wright Brothers Airport, Ohio. Canadian distributor since 1983. ICP Savannah light sport and experimental aircraft sales, service & parts. Texas Aircraft is proud to introduce the Colt-SL, a new-generation Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA), offering many advantages including a high-wing design, all-metal airframe, solid metal rivets, welded passenger safety cell, dual yokes, Galaxy GRS parachute, Dynon touchscreen NextGen avionics, and much more. Pipistrel is the leading light aircraft manufacturer established in Europe for over 25 years, winner of the world air games, and winner of the NASA CAFE challenge 3 times in a row (including winner of $1. 853 paper work included. Carlson Sparrow Ultralight Airplane Part 103 Aircraft Like Belite Kolb. Aircraft Kits – Kitfox. Locally there is a flight school that offers light sport rentals and flight training. DESIGN YOUR AIRCRAFT SEATS. 900. Savannah TM S is an all metal, side-by-side seating airframe with a strut supported high-wing. One we think will define light aircraft safety, performance and comfort in a CS-23 certified aircraft and as an S-LSA. 912 Series maintenance and 9 Series heavy Maintenance. Built in the USA with refined design, quality materials, and supported by a worldwide dealer network. driver's license (i) A sport pilot certificate, (A) Any light-sport aircraft for Pipistrel is the pioneer of first use, high end technology in light aviation, perfecting revolutionary concepts such as electric flight and pursuing extreme aero-efficiency. DPE on-site LSA Repairman on-site. Perfect for keeping in the garage and flying off of a few acres. FOLDING WINGS. 315, except § 61. Every Series 7 Kitfox comes standard with folding wings. The weight of the different modifications is around 185kg / 410 lbs. Includes ultralight history, aircraft Nov 10, 2021 · No other light aircraft producers can offer total training solutions and exciting 300 km/h cruisers. In 2014, I stirred up a hornet’s nest by proclaiming “the LSA rule is a failure. We currently service the Southwestern region of the U. Many of our customers like Oct 04, 2021 · Sonex Aircraft is proud to present its newest kit aircraft design: the Sonex Aircraft High Wings. Beautifuly designed, fast, efficient light sport aircraft and microlights sold as brand new builds, ready in just a few weeks. This kit contains the most commonly used structural hardware items as found in RANS, VANS, SONEX, an. AZ Aeroservices authorized sales outlet for the Savannah Light Sport Aircraft and Savannah Experimental aircraft kits. The HKS 700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed two-cylinder, four-stroke engine, and meets ASTM Consensus Standards for Special Light Sport Aircraft installation. 00 shipping. Simply Geous Tecnam Pletely Refreshed Best Ing Light Sport Aircraft Bydanjohnson. Maximum stall speed—51 mph (45 knots) CAS. Everything stores right on the airplane. Some countries differentiate between weight-shift control and conventional 3-axis control aircraft with ailerons, elevator and rudder, calling the Prop Flange Kit with 6" diameter pulley for driving an alternator. Wheels, skis, floats, amphibs, soaring. Manufactured in Africa – Proven the world over! Because every day should be an adventure and the BushCat is your ticket to quests that are only limited by your imagination. Sep 09, 2021 · Light-Sport Aircraft Accepted Standards, FAA Notice of Availability (NOA) Information, the previously accepted consensus standard has been revised, and this NOA is accepting the later revision. Learn more about the design of the ICON A5, how to buy our seaplane, the safety features and other attributes that make our seaplane and light sport aircraft unique. Kit Parts are contained in "The List". Download Brochure. Feb 24, 2020 · Light Sport Aircraft aren’t selling well, but the LSA rule has still worked. My argument was that the new breed of airplanes were moderately successful in keeping older pilots flying, but they had done nothing to inspire a new generation of 21/800-6 4 Ply Tube Type or Tubeless Light Sport Tundra Aircraft Tire Lightweight, 11 pounds Wag-Aero Wag-Aero: Wag-A-Bond Kit. Rigid and shock gear (for grass fields) Full size parts shown on plans. and slow stall speed, it qualifies as an experimental kit build light sport aircraft Perfect for Sport Pilot. It is two-seater high wing aircraft derived from its forerunner Stoddard-Hamilton Glastar. Parts For Aircraft. Specifications coming soon. The practicality becomes the luxury. Light Sport & Ultralight Aircraft Manufacturing, Sales, Service & Flight Instruction 1840 Airport Blvd, Red Bluff, CA 96080 USA 530-945-1860 ed_pitman@hotmail. The RV-12 was designed to the ASTM standards governing Light Sport Aircraft category and is intended to be licensed in the Light Sport (LSA) category. The standard engine for the FireStar is the Hirth 3202 is equipped with a 2. Blackwing Aircraft. Challenger light sport aircraft. It is a great ground support radio, main radio for Ultralight or Light Sport aircraft or spare radio for GA airplane. Qualifies as light sport aircraft. Bushwhacker Aircraft Company, LLC, offers Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft Wide-Body Fuselages, Wings, Parts and Components for the Piper PA-18 SuperCub, J-3 Cub and their variants. The EAA is happy to announce another year of increased safety, as the fatal accident rate has once again decreased. Craftsman quality exists in every part that Kitfox manufactures. Pollard Aircraft has begun to roll out the first of many to come King Air 200s with brand new paint, interior, full glass Garmin panel, Raisbeck Performance Systems, and optional engine upgrades to Blackhawk – 52’s or -61’s. For example, the Tukan, J&J, or TC trike. Below are some of our favorite things about Kitfox Series 7. It offers aerodynamic forms and practical design, focusing more on safety features. 2 Stroke maintenance and 912 Series Service. COMFORT GUARANTEE – Comfort and fit 100% guaranteed. Oct 23, 2019 · Corsairs Ultralight Breaks The Part 103 Mold Aero News Work. Since the first SLSA approvals in April 2005, the LSA industry has gained FAA approval for Sep 01, 2004 · operation, and maintenance of light-sport aircraft. Accessories Catalog. BDC Aero Industries is a Canadian company based in the city of Lachute, Quebec. has been the supplier that aircraft builders, owners, pilots, and aviation businesses have depended on since 1965. This action is necessary to Assorted Aircraft Hardware - mixed lot of 5 lbs. INSPECTION & SAFETY – Easily inspect hidden parts of your seat frames at any time without tools or glue. The components are manufactured with care in our new shop in Dorchester, Ontario Canada. Wag-A-Bond. Then undoubtedly, the REV is the flying Dirtbike of the sky. 190 - Issue of airworthiness certificates light sport aircraft Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. Please note: Kit Parts are NOT listed in the Accessories Catalog. Dec 3, 2015 - When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. No other light aircraft producer can offer a wider range of products, including electric aircraft, total training solutions, virtual reality simulators and exciting 200 All Magnum systems meet the FAA requirements for the experimental and light sport aircraft category of FAA. An outstanding and economical sport pilot aircraft. add ('28281', '1');" title="Add to Cart"> Add to Cart. Special Light-Sport Aircraft, or SLSA, are 100% factory built light aircraft that may be used commercially for instruction and rental. $5. If you replace all 8 brackets, you will add a total of just over 1. We stock the full range and sell at keen prices. light sport aircraft. Beech Bonanza H35 & up, Debonair, Travel Air, Desser Aerospace, headquartered in Montebello, CA, with locations around the world, is a leading global partner for aviation aftermarket products and solutions. Remos hvy duty landing gear complete with brake and disc both sides list price 11000 0nly $4500. 50% lighter and several times stronger than fiberglass; Over 20 CNC machine cut, billet aluminum parts to construct the remainder of the components on the frame. All rights SONEX WAIEX JABIRU3300 SALE • $34,000 • FOR SALE • N136YX LIGHT SPORT TRAILDRAGGER w/286hrs TT airframe and engine, FAST! Jabiru 3300 120 HP, All original plans. The 2" U-Bracket is 3. For recreational pilots and dealers interested in purchasing an airplane, National Liquidators has handled hundreds of aircraft sales and recoveries since our inception in 1988, including private jet aircraft, multi-prop and single engine airplanes, ultralight aircraft, helicopters and aircraft parts. Ing An Lsa Flying. I’m talking about the Flight Design CTLS. We are also a training center for the Rotax aircraft engines. The Super Petrel LS is an amphibious biplane with flight qualities of a low wing, cruise speed of a regular upper wing, easy and safe flying. Standard Features. 21. From our beginnings as a full service FBO in Northern CA to launching the first Light Sport Repairman Workshop in 2005, we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs—quality, honesty, and integrity —and to deliver an exceptional experience for our community and customers. The New Part 103 Cur Draft Shows More Individual Parts. 20-143. The airframe can be built for less than $10,000 excluding paint and covering material. 8 and 4 landings to be exact. Light Sport & Ultralight Aircraft Sales & Service Flight Instruction 1840 Airport Blvd, Red Bluff, CA 96080 USA 530-945-1860 ed_pitman@hotmail. $35. $24. 84 ounces to your aircraft). While many kit manufacturers today offer high wing…. May 05, 2020 · 10 est planes in the sky plane light sport aircraft 52 2016 light sport aircraft lsa choices general aviation aircraft. Renegade Light Sport is a flight school in Fort Pierce Florida offering private and sport pilot training. Our family of businesses serve the commercial, business, military and general aviation (GA) aftermarkets. Light Sport Aircraft can be homebuilt or purchased completed; however, there are many benefits to building your own aircraft. P. Places once out of reach become accessible. Tempest Aircraft Oil Filter - AA48108-2 - Aviation Spin-On Oil Filter. (2) Only a U. Aug 31, 2016 · You have found images – ultralight aircraft parts and accessories Ultralight aviation (called microlight aviation in some countries) is the flying of lightweight, 1 or 2 seat fixed-wing aircraft. We are one of the largest dealers worldwide for MGL Avionics digital instruments. I. Our single and dual drivers are the lightest (10 oz) and most power conserving (less than 2 Amps) of anything in their class on the market. For a general listing of all industry standards accepted by the FAA, refer to the FAA's Small Airplanes Regulations, Policies, & Guidance webpage Savannah light sport & experimental aircraft, AZ Aeroservices Arizona. QUICK INSTALLATION – Install our upholstery kits in just a few minutes per seat, including new foam. These aircraft are accepted by FAA after the manufacturer demonstrates compliance with industry consensus standards and proves they have proper manufacturing controls. It has an aerodynamic fuselage that can withstand the short gusts of wind, and it has a glide ratio of 1:20. It weights 250 pounds less than a similarly equipped Super Cub. BURN TESTED MATERIALS – FAR 25. It can be recommended for rescue packages (boat, plane, yacht etc. We are currently creating a PA-18/J3/Clipped Wing Cub variation, the BushCub Sportsman. ”. With a RANS your perspective changes. True four season recreational airplane. Nov 10, 2021 · However, in the case of light sport, the kit is required to have a kit statement of compliance and be a bolt for bolt copy of a special light-sport aircraft at the time of original certification. Distributor of the BushCat Light Sport Aircraft. 321 for its category and class, (1) You must comply with the limitations in § 61. We are passionate about aviation and are proud to offer quality products and services. . Sep 03, 2016 · What is light sport aircraft parts? The human activity that surrounds aircraft is called aviation. We feel our light sport aircraft have a great future. President's Letter. Rotax 447 provision 4, Rotax 447 provision 8 parts diagrams This section gives parts diagrams and part numbers breakdowns for the Rotax 447 series of engines. Tri-gear and traditional (tailwheel gear) on plans. Types of Light-Sport and Experimental Aircraft Engines Note: All information in this text is for educational illustrational purposes and is not to be used for actual aircraft maintenance. Special Light Sport Aircraft SLSA Sport 2S MX 103 SLSA GT 500: Build & Fly. A. 58:1 gear reduction drive turning a 66 inch diameter fixed pitch propeller. 1000 Town Center Drive, Ste 300 Oxnard, CA 93036 Welcome To Pollard Aircraft. 1 The FAA defines a light-sport aircraft as an aircraft, other than a helicopter or powered-lift that, since its original certification, has continued to meet the following: Maximum gross takeoff weight: 1,320 lbs, or 1,430 lbs for seaplanes. Phantom's have been manufactured since the early 1980's. Sabrewing’s new corporate address is: Sabrewing Aircraft Company, Inc. Contact or visit us to experience Service With Integrity! If you are registering your plane as a Light Sport Plane, then you must complete one of the Sport Pilot repairman courses to obtain your repairman certificate. 315(c)(7). com North Wing manufactures high quality Light Sport Aircraft, Ultralight Trikes, Trike Wings, and Hang Gliders that are fun to fly. The CTLS 2020 SE incorporates evolutionary changes that make it an even ICON Aircraft is the manufacturer of the amphibious light-sport airplane the ICON A5 (S-LSA). Fisher Flying products produces components for 14 aircraft designs that pay homage to the fun little aircraft that let us experience low and slow flight. Sep 27, 2021 · Light aerobatics (no spins) High roll rate (excess 250 degrees/second) Plan built only, with many parts available for purchase. 185 - Issue of airworthiness certificates restricted category aircraft 21. Light-sport aircraft weigh less than 1,320 pounds (1,430 pounds for aircraft intended for operation on water) and are heavier and faster than ultralight vehicles and include airplanes, gliders, balloons, powered parachutes, weight-shift-control aircraft, and gyroplanes. WBEK-85C324218T, HARDWARE KIT CABINET AND Light Sport Planes - A division of Bushwhacker Aircraft Company, LLC, offers high quality PA-18 Super Cub Experimental parts, and HKS Engines. 187 - Issue of multiple airworthiness certification 21. It has robust structure and corrosion resistance and simplicity of systems. Parts For Aircraft was established in 2006. light sport aircraft parts

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